5 Tips To Reduce Holiday Bloat...

5 Tips To Reduce Holiday Bloat…


Holiday meal bloat.

It doesn’t make for a very Happy New Year, does it?

Indulging even a slight amount can leave you feel bloated, gassy, full, and icky for days after your feast.

What can you do to swing back after the Holiday – without depriving yourself of delicious foods and drink?

The good news is that you CAN indulge this holiday season without the discomfort and weight that accompanies days – or even weeks of holiday feasting.

Here are my 5 BEST tips to have you feeling sexy and slim by the New Year…

1.  Don’t Ditch Your Veggies…

I love to start my day – every day – with a special Green Smoothie that I make with Spinach, Flaxseed, SlimTea, Ice, and Vanilla Protein powder.  It tastes great, it only takes a few seconds to make, and it gives me a digestive upper hand for the rest of the day.

You can also focus on having your plate MOSTLY filled with vegetables at your next holiday gathering.  I try to have 60-75% vegetables with every meal.  The rest of my meal is generally protein… and I try to avoid starches when possible!

The best way to eat your veggies is raw – because this aids with digestion.  But cooked veggies are also great because they’ll fill you up quickly!

2.  DITCH The Healthy Dessert?!

You may think that fruit salad for dessert is healthy.  Hey, I’ve been making fruit salads as the ‘healthy’ alternative for years!

But, in fact, fruit salad moves so quickly through your body that it creates a sort of ‘traffic jam’ in your intestines as it runs in to slower to digest foods; creating gas, fermentation, and bloating.

What’s more – it prevents you from absorbing all the nutrients from that delicious salad or turkey you ate!

If you’re looking to prevent bloating, go ahead and have some chocolate for dessert after a big meal – just make sure it’s quality, 70% or more cacao!


3.  Don’t Taste Everything At Once…

Animal foods take approximately 4-5 hours to leave the stomach, while starches take 3-4 hours.

What does this mean?

Well, different foods require different enzymes to break them down.

If you eat, say, a turkey sandwich or meatloaf with potatoes, you’ve now made the time it takes to digest these foods 7-9 hours; as opposed to if you didn’t have so many different digestion-intensive foods in your belly.

I fight the digestive lag time by choosing the foods I want most.  At my dad’s house – it’s his homemade bread.  But I won’t eat half a pork shoulder with it.  I’ll choose to stick to vegetables with the bread.  Same with meat.  If you eat a hearty portion of meat, combine that with vegetables as opposed to starches like break or potatoes.

This will give you a huge advantage in terms of nutrient absorption, digestion, and a flat belly!

4. Create Boundaries…

If you absolutely must have refined sugars or processed foods with your meal, you’re probably going to suffer from bloating.

My suggestion is to eat these foods with extreme moderation.

I just can’t pass up my Grandma’s homemade peppermint bark… but I shave it into small pieces over coconut ice cream instead of eating massive quantities of the sugar-laden bark.

SlimTea girl at table

5.  Hydrate with THIS Fat-Burning Drink…

Hydration will help you a TON at fighting Holiday bloating.

Every morning you should start your day with a delicious cup of SlimTea.

It will boost your metabolism, digestion, and help you regulate insulin spikes when you do eat.

When you drink SlimTea before your Holiday meal, it will help you make smarter food choices… and it will even help you feel MORE full and satiated from the foods you do eat!

What’s more, each cup of SlimTea helps you burn HUNDREDS more calories every single day.

==>  Feel and look your best this Holiday Season with SlimTea.