3 Reasons to AVOID Dairy...

3 Reasons to AVOID Dairy…

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-milk-splash-image14275789Perhaps you’ve heard that Coca-Cola is now promoting a new “Milk” product called Fairlife.

Hmm… this is weird, considering that US Milk and Cream consumption has decreased drastically in the past nearly 40 years…

But Coke hopes to reverse this trend by labeling it’s milk as 50% higher in protein, 30% higher in calcium, and half the sugar of typical milk.

You’ll also pay, mind you, about twice as much for this protein-fortified milk…


Milk And Cream Consumption

While milk consumption has decreased, Coke recognizes that jumping on the high-protein, low-sugar bandwagon may be able to revive a dying dairy industry.

Despite sales, the USDA still persists that milk is extremely healthy for adults and children.

From our earliest childhood we are told that milk is the way to get health, strong bones, and that drinking cow’s milk is just inherently healthy.

But now more than ever, people are starting to question this fundamentally odd practice of draining cows for their milk and giving that milk to human beings instead of to whom the milk is meant – baby cows.

Have you stopped to think about just how strange that really is?

We naturally think of cows as farm animals and their milk as something we drink as people, but really, on paper, that is kind of an odd concept.

Still, if it is really good for us, there’s no reason not to do it, right?

Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to AVOID drinking cow’s milk, and to phase dairy products out of your life completely.

Even if you can’t eliminate them completely, reducing them can have many great health effects.

Here are three reasons why…


1.  Dairy Farming Promotes Abuse Of Animals…

You probably don’t think of a dairy farmer on his farm as somebody who abuses animals.

But factory farms that produce milk are another thing altogether.  (And most dairy comes from factory farms…)

The cows who give milk are connected to machines and forced to spend their days bloated and over-producing milk.

Milk is not given to their offspring, but drained to be given to humans.

If this were happening in a science fiction film it would be horrific and cruel.

We do it to cows routinely without thinking about what it means for them!

Just this year, a video of a horrible abuse at a dairy farm in Wisconsin caused several farms to cut ties to that facility.

The secretly recorded video showed workers punching and kicking the cows, cutting off their tails with pruning shears, and using high-pressure hoses to spray them in the face and nostrils.

The video is extremely graphic and I’m not going to link it here.

It’s a wake-up call to how things are done on large dairy farms across the country, though.

And it’s one of the reasons I recommend humanely treated meat, eggs, and any other animal product.

Imagine the stress and pain those animals feel – and how those hormones are secreted into what you consume!

2.  Dairy Lifestyles Promote Factory Farms…

Factory-farm environments also produce chemical runoff that is devastatingly harmful to the environment.

Factory farms also rely on artificial hormones and other methods to make cows bigger and give more milk.

In 2009, a disturbing article in the New York Times described how runoff from factory farms was poisoning ground water and making people sick.

Parasites and bacteria in that runoff caused many residents who rely on well water to experience chronic diarrhea, stomach illnesses, and severe ear infections.

Is this how we want to treat our citizens?

Is this how we want to treat our planet, much less than those living on it?

3.  Calcium Can Be Had From Other Sources…

The fact is, there are alternative sources of calcium compared to milk.

We’ve been told all our lives that milk equals healthy bones, but you can make much better choices.

In fact, green leafy vegetables, such as bok-choy, are actually great sources of calcium.

Other raw sources I love are figs, almonds, oranges, and kale.  Yum!

The Best Milk Replacement…

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