3 "Healthy" Foods You Should Never Eat...

3 “Healthy” Foods You Should Never Eat…


Health foods are a huge industry.

And whenever something becomes a multi-billion dollar industry, there is potential for abuse.

Many food companies, especially “Big Food” corporations and conglomerates, produce a steady stream of food products that are supposed to look healthy, but really aren’t.

These foods are marketed with a lot of deceptive practices that only increase the perception that eating them is a good choice, when in fact it is anything but.

For example, big food manufacturers will distribute the sugar content among many ingredients that all amount to sugar so that “sugar” doesn’t appear at the top of the list of ingredients.

That way, when you look at the ingredients to see what the first thing is, you don’t come away thinking that the product is loaded with sugar (when it really is).

Another trick is called “label padding,” where seemingly “good” ingredients that don’t mean much are added to the total ingredient list to make the product seem “enriched.”

Don’t fall for marketing tricks!

Think twice before EVER eating these foods…


1.  Whole Wheat…

If you had a dollar for every advertisement pushing nutritious whole wheat or “multigrain” products, you’d be pretty rich.

Whole wheat may be better for you than wheat that has been refined, but it’s a relative thing.

(Diet spam is better for you than regular spam, but that doesn’t mean you should be eating either one.)

Wheat gluten promotes inflammation and can really irritate your body while decreasing the efficiency of your immune system.

A study by Karin de Punder and Leo Pruimboom looked at the role of wheat and cereal grains in inflammation and found that wheat gluten and wheat lectin can “elicit dysfunction and disease” in humans.

Some studies have even linked wheat gluten consumption to increased “bad” (LDL) cholesterol production.

It’s REALLY hard to avoid whole wheat, and although I try (I have a gluten allergy), I know wheat is in my food all the time – especially because I travel and eat in restaurants frequently!

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2.  Fat Free Foods…

Reduced fat or fat free foods seem like a no-brainer.

You don’t want added fat, right?

But most fat-free or reduced-fat foods have had their fat content supplemented with sugar and other artificial sweeteners, not to mention a variety of other chemicals!

There is plenty of candy on the market that can legitimately advertise itself as a “fat free food,” because sugar is not fat (even though consuming it eventually leads to it being stored as fat).

But if I had the choice, I’d avoid sugar more than I’d avoid fat!

Eating fat DOES help fight fat.  Whereas sugar never does anything good for us.

If you have a choice – limit sugar instead of fat!


3.  Gluten Free Gimmicks…

I fall for this too.

I love gluten-free pretzels and often have them with me when traveling (so I don’t eat the nastier snacks on the plane!)

But I admit – they’re NOT HEALTH FOODS.

Lots of garbage-food is made to tap the market for gluten-free products.

These are foods that contain starch and loads of sugar instead of gluten, making them junk foods, not health foods.

Yes, they are gluten free, but they still contain plenty of stuff you do NOT want.

In fact, many gluten-free foods spike your blood sugar MORE than foods with gluten!


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